Thank you is not enough!  Andy & Stephanie were always ready to pour & serve. Allison’s meals were excellent! Oliver & Joshua made all of our excursions smooth less.  We love your country & love your people! Much thanks & love! Until we meet again!

Allison & James Toler- Maryland-11/04/2023-11/11/2023

This beautiful house filled with beautiful humans made our 1st trip to Costa Rica magical! Thank you for helping us make such beautiful memories! Pura Vida

Jon & Melissa-Cicero, NY-11/04/2023-11/11/2023

What a beautiful way to enjoy time away from home.  Thank you for the amazing experience. Totally 5 stars! Pura Vida!

Darren & Elisa-Columbus, Ohio-11/04/2023-11/11/2023

Thank you for such an amazing experience. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. I am glad we got to sing Happy Birthday to Stephanie. Andy was so nice & knowledgeable. He made this trip so fun!

David W-Webster, NY-11/04/2023-11/11/2023

Thank you for an amazing experience! Everything was perfect, especially the service! I will never forget this week!

Joseph H-Syracuse, NY-11/04/2023-11/11/2023

This is the first time I have left the USA.  I cannot thank you enough for making me feel at home.  I can’t thank the staff enough for the care they provided.  Thank you for sharing your country me. Much love to all!

Stacy-New York-11/04/2023-11/11/2023

It was a beautiful week that was made even more beautiful by everyone on the trip!  A special thank you to Andy & Allison for making every effort to accommodate my dietary restrictions.  I am so grateful!

Harry & Mick-Tampa, Fl.-11/04/2023-11/11/2023

Such a fabulous vacay!  Service was superb!

Atlanta, GA- 10/28/2023-11/02/2023

Andy, Allison & Jocelyn were amazing! Very attentive! Food and the views were amazing! Can’t wait for our return visit!  P.S. can’t forget Kojakc and Oliver! Very nice!

Atlanta, GA- 10/28/2023-11/02/2023

A wonderful vacation with excellent service!

The Rehans-Atlanta, GA- 10/28/2023-11/02/2023

Amazing 5 days with the best group of friends, amazing adventures and the most thoughtful caring staff.  We’ll be back !

The Helms-Atlanta, GA-10/28/2023-11/02/2023

Everything here went above and beyond all of my expectations!  Thank you for the greatest trip ever!

Chris A.-Texas-10/14/2023-10/19/2023

A wonderful experience all around!!!  From arrival to departure it was just an incredible and unforgettable time! Thank you!

Alexis A.-10/14/2023-10/19/2023

This was one of the best experiences of my life! Thank you so much for the amazing place. The staff was incredible! Andy was so good!

Cara C-Texas-10/14/2023-10/19/2023

Fantastic stay in paradise! Nicest and most helpful staff.  We couldn’t have enjoyed the week more!


Rob & Jessica S-10/14/2023-10/19/2023

It was a touch of heaven-Beautiful!

Andy & Allison were incredible. You are very blessed to have them.

Julie T-Pennsylvania-10/07/2023-10/14/2023

One of my best vacations ever!  Staff was amazing!

Michelle S.-10/07/2023-10/14/2023

Beautiful, wonderful experience.  Staff was amazing. Food was delish. 5 stars.  I will be back . The best!

Diane A-New York-10/07/2023-10/14/2023

I was so very impressed with the venue.  The staff was outstanding! Thank you!

Fatih B-Pennsylvania-10/07/23-10/14/23

The villa experience was wonderful. Andy was terrific, food was exceptional & the facilities were clean. Great place!

Denise F-Pennsylvania -10-07-2023-10-14-2023

Thank you to the wonderful staff for making our 2nd trip to Costa Rica unforgettable.  We will see you next time ! Pura Vida!

Hines Family-07/29/23-08/05/23

Our visit for the 2nd time was fantastic!  Beautiful property and the staff were exceptional.  I can’t wait to return!

Bilbo Family-07/29//23-08/05/23

Our first visit and an absolutely beautiful time!  We will be back!  Staff was amazing!

Campbell Family- 07/29/23-08/05/23

A perfect vacation because of the most amazing staff.  Andy was the most attentive, kind, helpful person you could have the good fortune to have at your beautiful villa.  My Costa Rican adventure has me looking forward to coming back with my family!

Janice Scaggins Sachs

Staff was amazing! Andy was awesome, the view and house were perfect.  Loved every moment!

Jackie Duke Taylor-07/22/2023-07/29/2023

Everything was amazing! The staff was kind, informative & incredible at their jobs!  Amazing experience!

Angela DeBoard-07/22/2023-07/29/2023

Lovely villa & fantastic staff & food.  Andy is totally amazing- we will be back for trip #4 to CR

Denise Wyatt-07/22/2023-07/29-2023

Beautiful home, amazing staff and great excursions! Fabulous trip. Thank you for your hospitality!

Carolyn Haupt=07/22/2023-07/29/2023

My first girls’ trip has been amazing- more than I ever expected! Andy was fantastic, the house, view and staff were wonderful. Can’t wait to come back!

Janet Moncure-07/22/2023-07/29/2023

Thank you for an amazing vacation! The accommodations, meals & service was incredible. You truly know the meaning of hospitality!  Thank you, Andy, Allison, Martina, Joselyn and Nury for going above & beyond! Pura Vida!

Joyce Mitchell- 07/22/2023-07/29/2023

I can’t say enough about this wonderful experience.  From the view, staff, food, excursions & I can’t say what I loved the most.  I hope to bring my husband back. Girl’s trip 2023 was a success!!!!

Angie Sternberg-07/22/2023-07/29-2023

Absolutely a trip of a lifetime for 11 girlfriends! Staff was amazing!

Christine Calhoun-07/22/2023-07/29/2023

We had no idea what to expect. We were so excited and completely blown away with the hospitality we received. Andy, Allison & Joscelyn are incredible. They go above and beyond. Much Appreciated! Food, drink and activities were wonderful.



John and Shirley-07/15/23-07/22/23

Amazing home and trip!  Andy was incredible and took great care of us.  Allison kept us well fed with delicious fresh food.  Joselyn kept our rooms fresh and laundered our clothes.  Had a wonderful time filled with adventures!

The Lockes from Texas, The Frogues from California, The Fiala's from Arizona & California-July 2023

Thank you so much for an awesome experience! Andy, Allison & Joselyn are amazing! We are so grateful to have experienced your country in a very authentic way! Pura Vida

Patrice, RJ & Bella Green- 06/10/23-06/07/23

Thanks for such a wonderful villa and staff.  Andy, Allison , Joselyn and Trino were great!

Ken & Betty W- 06/05/23-06/10/23

Fabulous trip! The staff & house were amazing!!  Thank you all for a wonderful family vacation! We will be back!

The Beacham family-06/05/23-06/10/23

Our time here was magical , the house is amazing and the country is our very favorite.

Butch & Betty Smith-05/03/2023-06/05/2023

Thank you for everything for you’ve done for my family and me.  You are so kind and fun to talk too.  I hope you never lose y’alls charm.  Thanks again!

Casey Smith-05/30/2023-06/05/2023

Thank y’all for going above and beyond in everything y’all did for us.

Alec Wright-5/30/2023-06/05/2023

Lovely, relaxing vacation! Staff was so accommodating! Great ambience! Thank you!

Michelle & Guy-05/25/2023-05/30/2023

We had an amazing time . The home is beautiful. Andy and the girls were wonderful and the food was delicious

Randall family-Brooklyn, NY-05/25/2023-05/29/2023

We had a wonderful time staying at Villa Puesta del Sol. The staff is absolutely amazing. The meals are great.  I would definitely come back again! Gracias!!

The Ifill group, New Mulford, New Jersey-05/25/2023-05/30/2023

Muchas Gracias! Our 3 families (13 of us) had the best vacation of a lifetime! From adult & kid cocktails, exceptional meals & incredible hospitality-we loved EVERY moment! Thank you! Thank you!

Boudreau family, Jennings family & McClintock family-04/15/2023-04/21/2023 Andover, MA

We had a fabulous time during our week at Villa Puesta del Sol.  We did 3 different excursions during our week.  We went to Tamarindo and took surfing lessons, did a catamaran tour including beach bbq, snorkeling, paddle boarding and sunset sail.  We also went to Buena Vista del Rincon which had a waterslide, ziplines, horseback riding, hot springs and mud bath.

The staff here made our stay absolutely delightful!  Delicious food, clean rooms and laundry, amazing cocktails and perfect guidance and advice from Andy.  We are so grateful! Muchas gracias!  The location, the view and the amenities are impeccable!

Bormanns/Bells, Rasmussons, Villaumes & Laidigs families-04/03/2023-04/09/2023

The most amazing week at Villa Puesta del Sol! We can’t say enough about amazing things about the house & the staff! Andy, Christian, Joscelyn, Eva, Allison & Adrianna have made this week amazing! We don’t want to leave! Pura Vida!

Elkins family-03/26/23-04/01/23

Wow!  What a vacation!  Our expectations were exceeded! Thank you for the most magical week. The Drumm family will visit Ocotal & Villa Puesta del Sol again soon!  We loved spending our first visit to Costa Rica with all of you! Much love! Pura Vida!

The Drumm family-03/26/23-04/01/23

We could not have asked for a better trip!  Spring Break 2023 was an absolute dream! The food, the service, the house and the entire experience – 100%.  I cannot think of one thing to change it.  It was paradise!  Thank you Villa Puesta del Sol ! We love you!

La Rocca family- Birmingham, Alabama- 03/26/23-04/01/23

We had the best time and are so sad the trip is ending.  The house was perfect for our families and our stay was excellent.  The entire staff was wonderful, food was delicious and daily laundry was a lovely surprise.  Andy took the best care of the us and always was available. The excursions were so fun and it was nice to have many options available.  Everyone loved the massages!  Truly a house in paradise and hope to return again.  Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Fisher family, Smith family and Smith family - Kansas City, KS-03-08-2023-03-14-2023

Amazing! We tried to think of your favorite meal & they were all delicious with a beautiful presentation all around!  Thank you, Allison!  Andy is top notch!   He is on top of everything with a smile. He is so much more than a “bartender”! He knows exactly what each guest wants/needs and shares stories about the local culture. All of things that make this an amazing experience!   We would highly recommend the Don Bosco sailboat excursion.  Outstanding crew and day. Joselyne keeps the house more than spotless. She did our daily laundry, folded and put it away for each guest!   Pura Vida!

Barrons, Steeles & Cunninghams- Minnetonka, MN 3-01-2023 - 3-08-2023

This house was like none other!  We loved everything about it. The rooms, the pool and excursions.  But most of all loved Andy!  He always had a smile on his face and an answer for all of our crazy questions.  He went above and beyond  for all of us.

Every meal was delicious! Allison was a true talent. She even had to accommodate allergies. Andy was so caring and careful regarding the food. We truly appreciated it. Joselyne took such pride in her responsibilities as with our rooms and the house. It was such a treat to return to our rooms to find our clothes neatly folded and clean. Pura Vida!!

Gary & Mary T., Rich & Jen C. Lisa & Jeff L. and Maurean & Mitch R.- 2/24/23-03/01/23

We have truly had the most amazing time! Andy has provided phenomenal service and the most delicious cocktails! Allison’s cooking is phenomenal! We have thoroughly enjoyed each and every meal. Thank you Joselyne and Nury for keeping our rooms, clean and our laundry ready to go.  This has truly been a luxurious visit and we can’t wait to come back! Thank you for everything! We have loved every minute! See you in 2024!

50th Birthday Celebration with our 9 childhood besties! -02/03/2023-02/08/2023

Food is amazing, tasty and beautifully served.  We cannot say enough about our wonderful, fun, fantastic experience.  The staff is great, always attentive and with smiles and good humor.

It will be just about impossible to replicate this vacation…….it’s been perfect!

Thank you, Andy, Allsion. Joselyne and staff for an unforgettable week.

La Tour family, Schwartz family, Carol P, Sarah K and Betsy M-02/17/2023-02/24/2023

We had a great family reunion.  Andy and the staff were wonderful. Superior service. Many fun activities. Amazing food. People were so sweet. Great views.  Totally enjoyed the “Pura Vida” here in Costa Rica!

Vaughts, Ervin, Macias, Beall n Saladivar 1/21/23-1/28/23

Loved our time at Villa Puesta del Sol. We loved the sailboat tour, ATV’s, massages and the hot springs. Andy, Allison and Joselyne and their assistants were all amazing. The food and service was so good.  The outdoor furniture was so comfortable and the beds also. Views are the best we have ever seen!

Sevenings ,Pickerings, Fobers, Walkers and Kochannys-Iowa 01/14/2023-01/21/2023

It was wonderful to be able to spend New’s Years Eve here at the villa.  Our families so enjoyed the views, the food and the weather.  The staff was incredible minding every detail, so that we had a terrific experience!  So grateful for the memories we will have of C.R.

Cragans ,Wollmuths and Bernetichs-New Year's Eve 2022/2023

Thank you Andy, Allison and Jocelyn! All 12 of us had an amazing time here, thanks to your efforts and thoughtfulness. The house and the beach, the birds, the food………we could go on and on.  But its time for us to go back to the cold in Toronto, Canada and Lake Tahoe. We will carry our memories forever.

The Rothschilds & The Kuperbergs -12/24/22-12/30/22

The best week ever!!!  The staff was incredible, excellent service, above & beyond!  We loved Costa Rica, such a welcoming and friendly place.  We loved the villa, the food, the views and the wildlife.

Thank you to Andy and the whole crew for treating us like family.  We will definitely recommend Puesta del Sol!

Thanks again !

Finches 2022 ( December)

Where to begin…….Staff is first class.  Andy, Allison & Joselyn became are friends & took care of us like family.  Accommodations are unbelievable, views are amazing and food was incredible.  We can’t wait to return!

Gene & Nicole -Thanksgiving 2022

What a wonderful experience! Andy & the girls were magnific! The adventures, the drinks, food and attention to every detail made us feel so special!

We had such a great time and definitely will be back. We LOVE Costa Rica!


Amber, Amberly, Andrea, Mel, Ashley, Katie & Kristy-11/08/2022-11/13/2022

Thank you for a wonderful time! Great food! Great service!  Fantastic staff!

Eric & Jamie W- 10/22/2022-10/29/2022

It was a wonderful and relaxing week. Muchas Gracias!


Lovely place and lovely people.  Thank you for making our time here so wonderful!

Floyd & Charlene M- 10/22/2022-10/29/2022

What a wonderful week!  Thank you, Andy and all the staff!  I feel blessed to have enjoyed the beautiful view and all the week’s adventures.

Sue & Arlin K-10/22/2022-10/29/2022

After covid delay for 2 years, our dream came true, and we were not disappointed. It was worth the wait and will have beautiful memories until we come again!  We will be back!  What a joy and a blessing.

Chuck & Betty B.-10/22/2022-10/29/2022

Beautiful villa with all the comforts of home plus a wonderful staff that takes you in as family. Gorgeous views and a very relaxing atmosphere. Andy, Allison, Joselyne and the rest of the staff are perfect hosts!

John & Karen M. -10/22/2022-10/29/2022

The home, the staff and the owner are all fabulous. Can’t say enough about this vacation!

Patricia S-09/24/22-10/01/2022

Best vacation ever! Andy, Allison and the whole staff are the best. They treated us like royalty.  Fishing was spectacular. Caught a 50lb Mahi & a 300lb Marlin!  Total Fun!

Elaine B.-09/24/2022-10/01/22

Beautiful house, excellent staff, fantastic food, couldn’t a sk for better service and completely satisfied.

Chris & Judy S- 9/24/2022-10/01/22

Spoiled is our theme for this beautiful house and the attentive staff.  The house was so perfect for our group of 14 celebrating our friend’s 50th birthday!

Wes & Stephanie, Scotty & Heather, Max & Kristin, Matt & Jennifer, Ron & Wendy-09/17/22-09/24/22

Enjoyed a family vacation in a splendid home filled with a staff that were the sweetest and most fun friends to share a few days with.  Thank you for a fun few days of relaxation and exploration. Loved it!

Judy & Derek-09/09/22-09/14/22

We had the most wonderful time. It was like a true paradise.

Mori & Brian-09/09/22-09/14/22

3rd trip to Costa Rica!  Last time 7 days wasn’t enough, so this time was 10 glorious days! We had so much fun and the staff at Puesta del Sol made it all happen for group of 10.  Allison’s super yummy food, 3 meats a day-Wow!  So so good! Joselyn made sure our rooms and the whole villa was perfectly in order and clean. She laundered our clothes daily exactly as we asked.  And then there’s Andy-he is superman!  Anything you want or need and he’s Johnny on the spot.  He makes the best cocktails, sets and serves the meals with precision.  He is so personable. We want to take him home with us. Love you, Andy!

Nancy & David H-08/06/2022-08/16/2022

Best staff ever! Would return for sure and had a great time!


Wonderful staff! Great accommodations! Fantastic trip!

Kathy, Arizona-08/06/2022-08/16/2022

First time in Costa Rica. What a blast!  Loved the villa, people and nature!  Andy is so accommodating and sweet! Joscelyn always knew what to do with our “stuff”. Allison’s pancakes are to die for!

Jim and Cynthia M - 08/06/2022-08/16/2022

We have enjoyed our stay at Puesta del Sol!  Andy and Allison were wonderful! Andy catered to all  of  our needs, and we always had a cocktail in our hands. He’s the best!  Allison served delicious meals. Jocelyn took care of our laundry needs and kept our rooms clean. Highly recommend Puesta del Sol to anyone!

Millie & Mike-08/06/22-08/16/22

This is the ultimate vacation spot! We visited Costa Rica for the first time and will be heading back again soon!  Villa Puesta del Sol was first class all the way.  The accommodations were perfect with private baths in each room and plenty of room to spread out. The owners thought of all the details including room darkening shades for anyone who did not want to be up to see the amazing sunrise! The views are amazing from sunup to sundown. You will entertained by the canaries and magpies who fly about and entertain in the nearby trees.  As you take your morning walk be on the lookout for the howler monkeys up in the trees-they are entertaining to watch.

The staff is amazing! Andy is ultimate bartender, always one step ahead of us in anticipating our food, beverage and relaxation needs. Allison’s amazing cooking kept us wanting more (but needing less) and Joselyn’s attention to assuring our rooms were perfect left us wanting for nothing.  The owners were available to assist and arrange transportation from the airport and local guide provided personalized service to assist in our explorations.

We are looking forward to our next visit and hope to our families along to experience the wonders of Puesta del Sol -Ocotal.


Denise & Kevin L-4/27/2022-5/4/2022

Extremely relaxing with impeccable service!  Staff was very attentive to my husband’s food allergies.  We cannot thank Andy and Allison enough. Joselyn did a fantastic job with room cleaning and laundry.  Andy went above and beyond packing us water and soda for all of our excursions and seeing to all of our needs.

Ray, Amy & Nora S.

We loved every second!  Love, Love, Love Allison, Andy and Joselyn!

Becca, Dean & Marlena M

Wow!  I honestly don’t know where to start.  The amount of things there are to do around here is astounding and the service the staff provides is unparalleled.  Whatever it is that you need, they will make it happen. There was never one time  we ran into a “no” answer. Our entire group could not be more pleased with the  service Joselyn, Allison and Andy provided.  Our first trip to Costa Rica was exactly what we wanted and we couldn’t ask for a better host.

Avana, Faye, Jeremy, Jaclyn, Jared, Tyler & Julie -7/23/22-7/31/22

A week of delightful interaction between our family and the splendid experiences Costa Rica has to offer. The beaches, Rainforest Ricande Veja, white water rafting and a day of sailing, snorkeling and riding on jet skis.  All along the way the house and staff were helpful, encouraging and attentive. Great food and the staff provided a cheerful, clean environment with a very yummy food. Thanks to all!

Alejandio & Patricia-Florida- 7/16/22-7/23/22

What an incredibly perfect place to unwind and RELAX! Awesome service and a beautiful space.  Can’t wait until next time!

Tonja Y- 02/02/2022-02/06/2022

Amazing! The staff and everything was perfect! Already planning my next stay!

Wendy R- 2/02/2022-02/06/2022

Heaven is 260 feet above sea level at Puesta del Sol ! Thank you for this amazing week.

Toni M. - 2/2/2022- 2/06/2022

Staff is amazing and made the trip so much fun! Will miss the beautiful views and weather!

Jackie & Cameron

We had such a great time! Beautiful house, wonderful staff-thank you to all!

Ashley & Mike G

What a relaxing vacation we’ve had! The food and staff are amazing! Andy is the best! Such wonderful memories!

John & Danielle- Wildwood, Mo

Incredible villa, staff, and memories…….couldn’t ask for more! Thanks for everything!

Hayley & Ryan D.

Thank you all for an amazing week. We will have beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Brandice & Jason FL-5/21/2022-5/28/2022

Pura Vida! Thanks for a fantastic week with a truly amazing staff which makes it extra memorable. We had a great time and loved the service.

Todd & Katie B. 5/21/2022-5/28/2022

Thank you for such an amazing week. This has been such a memorable home. Andy, Allison and Joselyn were incredible. Pura Vida!

Julie and Aaron FL- 5/21/2022-5/28/2022

Thank you so much for an amazing & relaxing week! Andy, Allison and Joselyn were so amazing! Would love to come back again!

Phil and Jennifer P. 5/14/2022-5/21/2022

Thank you for an amazing week & all of the hard work.  Andy & Allison were the best and we love Trino. Can’t wait to come back.

Scott & Kristen M. 5/14/2022-5/21/2022

What a beautiful property & view. So relaxing & what an amazing staff. Thanks for spoiling us!

John & Mimi M. 5/14/22-5/21/2022

We could not have asked for a more perfect way to celebrate our 25th anniversary with family & friends.  Andy, Allison and Joseyln made everything perfect for us. The house was amazing and offered a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere.

Mike & Carol P. 5/14/22-5/21/22